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Register for Fall!

Classes begin Monday, August 17.

Fall second 8-week classes begin Wednesday, October 14.


At Western Nebraska Community College students must be registered prior to the start date of each term. Students not registered will be encouraged and allowed to register for the next term.  So be sure to register early!>

Why? Research has shown that students who register late for classes tend not to do as well academically as those who register on time. That's because the first day of class is one of the most important days. If you miss it, you’ll have a difficult time trying to catch up. 

There are other benefits to registering early:

    • Give yourself the best chance of getting the classes you want.  
    • Have more time to pay your tuition. (See below) 
    • Spend adequate time receiving help from your academic advisor.  
    • Reduce stress by getting your classes lined up in advance. 

New students: You must complete the admissions application before registering for classes. The admissions office will then notify you of all necessary information to begin your registration process. New students must register in person.

Returning students: Obtain approval for your schedule from your faculty advisor before registering for classes.

How to register:

If you are a continuing student registering online, please select Online Registration. Continuing students meet with their faculty advisors prior to registration. To change your intended program of study and faculty advisor, please contact the Counseling and Advising Office at your campus. 

If you are a new student, you will register in person at y our campus.

Contact the Student Life and Engagement Center at 308.635.6050 to schedule your advising appointment.

Completion of the eCOMPASS placement assessment may be required prior to registration. If you have not yet taken the eCOMPASS placement assessment, the a member of the Student Life and Engagement Center will schedule your appointment to take it prior to being advised and registered. During advisement and registration, assessment results assist students and advisors with vocational decisions, academic guidance and course placement. At registration, each student taking six credits or more is assigned to a faculty advisor who offers assistance in building an academic plan of study and arranging class schedules for future semesters.

First-time entering students attend an orientation/registration program for their first semester enrollment of more than six (6) credits.

Add and Schedule Changes
During the fall, spring, summer terms, and 8-week classes, students who are already registered prior to the start of the term, may add a course no later than the second class meeting. Students may change course sections and add courses by completing the appropriate form in the Student Services Office, prior to the second meeting of the class. 

Dropping Courses
Students may drop a course without penalty up to five days after the initial meeting of the class during the fall and spring terms by completing the appropriate form in the Student Services Office.  For summer term and 8-week classes, students may drop a course up to three days after the initial meeting of the class.  After the “No Penalty Drop Period” ends, students may drop a course after obtaining a signature and the “Last Date of Attendance” from the instructor on the appropriate form and returning the form to the Student Services Office. The student may or may not receive a refund, depending on the percent of time expended (see “Refund Policy”).  See “Withdrawal from a Course” for specific instructions.  

Course Schedules - Interactive

Schedules reflect current availability

Registration Dates/Hours

Online Registration

  •  Monday - Sunday, 24/7

In-Person Registration

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.