Applied Agriculture


Hand watering small plants and seedsProgram Overview

The Applied Agriculture Technologies Program is a one year program designed to prepare individuals for a career in agriculture. The program emphasizes technical knowledge and skills related to harvest and feedyard operations. Coursework provides learning related to machinery use and operation, equipment and facility maintenance, plant science, animal science, and regulations governing agriculture. Major program objectives include the following:
  • Obtain the skills to get into the agriculuture workforace in nine months.
  • Identify various technologies related to harvest and livestock operations.
  • Identify pertinent regulations and compliance issues governing agriculture.
  • Demonstrate proficient and safe operation of agricultural equipment.
  • Exposure to the unmanned autonmous vehicles (drones), and their use in agriculture.
  • Receive hands-on experience with pivot drip irrigation systems.

Degrees & Certificates

Applied Agriculture Certificate

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015, the median pay for Farmers, Ranchers, and other Agricultural Managers was $64,170 per year. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gainful Employment (GE) Program Disclosures

Regulations published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010 require institutions to report certain information to students who enroll in Title IV-eligible education programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Those regulations also provide that institutions must disclose to prospective students certain information about the institution's GE programs. For more GE information regarding this program, follow the link below.

View the Gainful Employment Program Disclosure by visiting Applied Agriculture Technology Certficate.

Gainful Employment Acknowledgement