Western Nebraska Community College is organized into six major areas: Educational Services, Student Services, Administrative Services, Human Resources, Public Relations & Marketing, and Intercollegiate Athletics. While each area boasts its own unique characteristics, the staff, faculty, and administrators work cooperatively across divisions to provide the widest range of programs and services to the students and campus community.

Educational Services

Candi Grasmick and Rhonda BrowerThe instructional component of the college is divided into seven divisions: Academic Enrichment; Applied Technologies; Business; Health Occupations; Language and Arts; Science, Mathematics, and Physical Education; and Social Sciences. Issues regarding curriculum development, administration, dual credit, class offerings, faculty and program evaluation, and student learning are primary focuses for Educational Services. In addition, this branch includes writing, math, and reading centers, library services, tutoring, and online and distance learning.

Student Services

Student ServicesThe student services component offers a broad array of out-of-classroom programs and experiences to provide students with opportunities for academic enrichment, personal growth, and development. Student Services includes: Enrollment and Retention, Registration and Records, the College Bookstore, Financial Aid, Counseling/ Advising, Food Service/Catering, Student Diversity Programs and Services, Residence Life and Activities, Student Support Services, Upward Bound (Veterans Program and Regular Upward Bound), Disability Services, Alcohol and Drug Prevention Education, Student Organizations and Activities, Career Assistance and Internship Program, Student Behavior/Discipline and Athletics.

Intercollegiate Athletics provides students the opportunity to participate in women's volleyball, women's softball, men's and women's basketball, men's baseball, and men's and women's soccer.

Administrative Services

The administrative services component of the college provides comprehensive auxiliary services to enhance students college experience. While sometimes viewed as behind-the-scenes operations, these activities help to ensure the smooth daily operation of WNCC buildings and grounds, Business Office, Maintenance, Security, Parking, Facilities Reservations, Information Center and Hazardous Materials Management comprise the functions supported by Administrative Services.

Outreach Education

Outreach Education Mission: To provide lifelong learning opportunities in anticipation of regional economic needs.

Outreach Education Vision: Improving lives by becoming a cohesive, unified team committed to excellence, innovation, superior service, and exemplifying progressive leadership.

The outreach services component offers a wide array of services such as: Business and Community Education, Community Coordinator Activities, Corporate Academies, Allied Health, Cisco Academies, Discovery Lab, Entrepreneurship Program, High School Outreach, Certified Testing Center, and Adult Education Programs. Outreachs mission is to provide lifelong learning opportunities in anticipation of regional economic needs. The service area is the entire Panhandle, and the goal is to provide our constituents with a multitude of offerings delivered in a variety of methods. Many of our courses are offered with flexibility of scheduling and delivery as we like to say: just enough, just in time, and just for you. We offer instruction that is traditional face-to-face, online, distance learning, blended, on-site, or off-site.

Additional Departments

Additional areas contribute to Western Nebraska Community Colleges multidimensional environment. The Human Resources Office maintains the personnel activities and safety issues; and the Public Relations and Marketing Department promotes the Colleges programs, services, and events to the public.