Blackboard Orientation


Getting Started with Blackboard

Are you new to online learning and WNCC?

As a student at WNCC, you will likely use Blackboard each semester to access your online courses or the online component of your face-to-face courses. Blackboard is WNCC’s online learning platform.


Welcome to WNCC’s Blackboard Orientation. This self-paced, hands-on course will help you get up to speed and “level up” your online learning skills in Blackboard. Every course is different, but the basics of how to navigate and what to expect in a Blackboard course can be seen in this online orientation. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for the best interactive online experience.


  • For new students to get started and learn the basics of navigating and using Blackboard.
  • Available all year as a resource, or as a quick refresher.

Topics Covered

  • Getting Started
  • Discussion Boards
  • Assignments
  • Collaborate (Blackboard’s online classroom)
  • Quizzes

There are two versions of the directions to get started with WNCC’s Blackboard orientation, a printable PDF and a YouTube video.