Dropping Classes


Dropping Courses

No-Penalty Drop Period: You may drop a course without penalty up to five days after the initial meeting of the class during the fall and spring terms by dropping the course in your Student Planner on the WNCC portal. For summer term and 8-week classes, you may drop a course up to three days after the initial meeting of the class. 

After the no-penalty drop period, you may drop a course up to two weeks after midterm or before 60 percent of the course time is completed. Tuition and fee refunds are based on the published WNCC refund policy

To drop a course, download the drop form and have your instructor sign it.  Your instructor needs to provide your last date of attendance and the drop grade. Return the form to the Student Services Office for processing. Charges for the course continue to accrue according to the Refund Policy until the completed drop form is received in the Student Services Office. 

To drop an online course, download the drop form, complete and sign it. In addition, you must email your instructor with a request to drop. An explanation as to why the drop is needed is helpful. Your instructor then responds to you with a drop grade and your last date of attendance.  You need to forward your instructor's response along with the drop form to the Registrar using one of the following methods:

  • Email to registrar@wncc.edu 
  • Fax to 308.635.6732
  • Mail to WNCC Student Services Office, 1601 E. 27th Street, Scottsbluff, NE  69361. 

Your drop will be processed according to the date when you first contacted your instructor.