National Career Readiness Certification


The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a certificate from ACT® that certifies essential skills for workplace success. Employers recognize it as a valid predictor of job performance.  It’s an affordable, convenient, and fast-paced pathway to landing a better job, getting a promotion, or making your next career move. 

How can I earn the NCRC? 

You earn your certificate by taking the NCRC Assessments at the 

WNCC Test Center on the Scottsbluff campus. Each assessment is 55 minutes long and measures your proficiency in three areas. 

  • Applied Mathematics 
  • Graphic Literacy 
  • Workplace Documents 

How do I prepare for the NCRC Assessments?

You can choose to take the convenient on-line WorkKeys curriculum which includes lessons, quizzes, and practice assessments or, if you feel confident in your current abilities, you can take the NCRC tests without the curriculum. The choice is yours. Click the links below for preparation resources. 

What is included in the NCRC WorkKeys Curriculum? 

The WorkKeys Curriculum can be taken to prepare for your NCRC Assessment. You will have a maximum of six weeks to complete the curriculum which is self-paced and conveniently on-line. You can complete it from any location or device with available internet on your own timeframe. 

This curriculum will help you build essential skills used in the workplace.  It comprises the courses required to pass the NCRC Assessments; Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents.  Each course begins with a placement quiz to determine a recommended lesson level to match your current ability. Coursework is self-paced, completed independently, and the online platform is equipped with tools to help participants stay on track. For convenience and ease of use, the program can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  The lessons in the coursework will help you prepare for National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Assessments. 

Click here for more information on general preparation for the NCRC Assessments and/or the WorkKeys Curriculum. 

How much does the NCRC cost? 

  • NCRC Assessments:  $65.00 per student for the three 55 minute Assessments.                                                                                               
  • Workkeys Curriculum plus NCRC Assessments:  $85.00 per student for 6 weeks of on-line curriculum plus the three 55 minute NCRC Assessments.
  • Financial aidmay be available to participants who meet the requirements. Contact: 

NCRC Program Administrator: 308.635.6335 or

Nebraska Department of Labor: 308.632.1420

*You must have a valid email address and a computer with internet access. If you don’t have a computer, we have public computers here at the Harms Center and there are also computers at the Department of Labor and the public libraries.   

How do I Get Started? 

Step 1:  Get Registered

At the time of registration you must provide a valid email address plus payment for one of the two options. 

Register by telephone or in-person: 

  • Call Western Nebraska Community College Workforce Development: 308.635.6700 or
  • Go to the John N. Harms Center on the Western Nebraska Community College Campus, 2620 College Drive, Scottsbluff, NE 69361

At the time of registration you must provide a valid email address plus payment for one of the two options: 

Option 1: $65.00 per student for three ACT® NCRC® Assessments: Applied Math, Workplace Documents, and Graphic Literacy. 

Option 2: $85.00 per student for the three ACT® NCRC® Assessments plus 6 weeks of online ACT® WorkKeys Curriculum to prepare for the Assessments.  

Step 2: Study and Practice (Option 2 only)

If you choose to take the ACT® WorkKeys Curriculumyou have six weeks to study and practice for the ACT® NCRC® Assessments. 

For more information on general preparation for the NCRC Assessments and/or the WorkKeys Curriculum click here!

Step 3: Take the three ACT® NCRC® Assessments and Earn Your Certificate

  • Call the WNCC Test Center at 308.635.6072 and schedule a time to come in and take your assessments. Each of the three ACT® NCRC® Assessments:  Applied Math, Workplace Documents, and Graphic Literacy is 55 minutes long. 
  • You will receive your scores and your certificate by email within 24 hours of taking the three ACT® NCRC® Assessments.  

Step 4: Add your ACT® NCRC®  to Your Resume And Increase Your Chances of Being Hired

  • Provides evidence of your work skills to potential employers
  • Demonstrates that you are a life-long learner
  • Fills gaps on your resume
  • Builds your confidence
  • Gives you an advantage over other applicants

 Learn more about getting your NCRC by clicking here