Corporate Academies


Non-Credit or Credit-Based Corporate Training Options

A corporate academy is a formal agreement established between the college and a company or organization to develop and deliver customized training and professional development. In an academy, WNCC is designated as and functions as the training partner for the company or organization.

The training delivered may be non-credit courses to update employees in areas such as compliance, safety, or other training and to develop new skills. If desired by the corporate partner, training can be developed for college credit.

Courses offered for credit can be grouped into skill awards which are groupings of related courses totaling 6 to 12 credits. Skill Awards can then be combined with general education courses, electives, and Corporate Core courses for credit which lead to a corporate academy Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree. WNCC also will work with the company or organization to offer relevant traditional courses or create customized Corporate Core courses which focus on a corporation's needs and specifications.  The corporate academy AOS degree program maximizes flexibility in the delivery of instruction and is designed for working adults.  The corporate academy program includes a built-in Achievement Ladder for enrollees to progress toward the AOS. 

Achievement Ladder

WNCC will document (transcript) credits earned and offer the following Achievement Ladder for the corporation's employees:

Professional Skill Award

Each Skill Award will be composed of skill-specific courses totaling 12-credits. Skill Awards will be customized for corporations to address identified educational plans and the professional development needs of employees. Course curriculum is approved by WNCC and clustered into planned Skill Awards for each corporate academy partner. 

WNCC Certificate

The Certificate consists of 28-credits of customized coursework, including 6-credits of general education requirements (math and writing), 10-credits of Corporate Core courses, and one of the 12-credit Skill Awards. 

WNCC Diploma

The diploma consists of 46-credits of customized coursework, including 9-credits of general education (math, writing, and one additional general education course), 13-credits of Corporate Core courses, and two of the 12-credit Skill Awards. 


The WNCC Associate of Occupational Studies Degree consists of 66-credits of customized coursework, including 15-credits of general education coursework, 15-credits of Corporate Core courses, and the completion of three 12-credit Skill Awards. All credits designed by or for the corporation and earned by enrollees will be performance-based, built on competency requirements identified by the corporation that will add value and be applicable to employee and corporate success. The AOS is designed as a terminal degree; however, offers transfer options with specific partner institutions. To enroll in the Corporate AOS degree program, students must be employed by and sponsored by one of WNCCs corporate partners.