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Every Day Counts! 

We want your future to have the best chance of success, and WNCC knows it's important to be enrolled by the first day of class to make that happen. And to make sure you're in class and ready to meet your dreams, we've partnered to offer payment plan options like Nelnet® to help you crunch the numbers and pinch the pennies.  

Need to arrange a payment plan?

WNCC is pleased to offer Nelnet Business Solutions e-Cashier

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  • A new Nelnet plan must be set up each semester unless your account is paid in full.
  • There is a $25 enrollment fee each semester.
  • Plans can be set up using a bank checking account, savings account, or a credit/debit card.
  • Payments are drawn on the 5th of the month. If this is unsuccessful, a second attempt will be made on the 20th and a $30 fee will be imposed.
  • If you have pending financial aid, you may defer your first payment until after aid is applied.
  • Read the contract before submitting. Verify start date, amount, e-mail address, account information, personal information, etc.
  • If a plan has been submitted and a correction is needed (to change the start date for example), contact the Business Office immediately.

We offer many financial services to our students, faculty, and staff to help simplify your WNCC experience. Check below for our tuition and fee schedule, refund policy, and other important forms.  

Tuition and Fees Schedule
Please use these charts to determine cost of attendance based upon number of credit hours.
Online Payments Log in to MyWNCC Portal to pay your bill by credit card.
Notification for Payroll Automatic Deposit Complete and Return to the Business Office
WNCC Agreement to Provide Payment (3rd Party Payments) Complete and Return to the Business Office

See also: Refund Policy