Work Study


What is Federal Work Study?

Federal Work Study is an employment program funded by the federal government and WNCC. It provides students with part-time jobs to help meet the cost of education. Jobs pay at least minimum wage ($9/hour) and generally average 10 hours per week.  Students can earn up to $2,000 per year (around 10 hours of work per week) at $9.00 per hour, depending on job placement and requirements.

Advantages of this program include:

  • A variety of jobs are available with some involving community service,

  • FWS income does not affect financial aid eligibility for next year,

  • Valuable work experience gained,

  • Avoid student loan debt by working to pay for education.

How to apply for Federal Work Study?

The Financial Aid Office does not place students into specific positions. It is up to the student to check on job availability, contact the supervisor and arrange an interview, and, if hired, to complete an online training and employment paperwork prior to starting work. Students also need one to two forms of identification for completion of the I-9 form.

Even a student who has previously had a work study job will need to complete a new authorization before beginning work each school year.

  • Students are not allowed to work during scheduled class times.

Time entry is completed online to ensure accuracy and that students are not working during class time. Students are paid twice a month (on the 15th and 30th) for the previous two weeks. Paychecks may be picked up in the Scottsbluff Business Office or the Sidney or Alliance campus or direct deposited to a bank account.

Federal Work Study earnings generally cannot exceed the amount listed in the award letter or contract. Students must make sure to inform their supervisors of this amount. The student and their supervisor should monitor hours and wages to ensure the student does not exceed the allowable limit.

Current Work Study Opportunities Available

Work Study/Student Employment Guidelines and Manual

Work Study/Student Employment Supervisor Guidelines and Manual

Work Study/Student Employment Time Entry — Must log into MyWNCC Portal

Work Study/Student Worker Student Training  — Must log into MyWNCC Portal