Q. What is the CollegeNOW! program?Street sign that says questions and answers.
A. CollegeNOW! is a program where eligible high school students may enroll in college credit bearing courses while still in high school. The students may receive both college and high school credit for the course or just college credit.

Q. Who can participate?
A. Students who are in their junior or senior grades in high school may participate in CollegeNOW! through courses taken during the fall, spring, and summer sessions.

Q. What does it cost?
A. High school students in the 12 ½ county service area of WNCC will be charged a tuition and fees rate 50% lower than normal students would pay.

Q. As a CollegeNOW! participant, am I subject to all of the College’s policies and procedures?
A. Yes. (Equity, Diversity, and Fairness)

Q. What are the odds that I will get the classes that I want each semester?
A. Excellent. Please note the registration dates and register early for on-campus and online classes.

Q. May I apply to a four-year university without penalty or problems?
A. Yes. You NEED TO request a transcript from WNCC to send to your choice of college.

Q. What if an emergency comes up or the class is too hard?
A. Refer to the CollegeNOW! section on Drops and Withdrawals. Contact your teacher as well.

Q. What is the difference between concurrent enrollment and dual credit?
A. Dual credit classes allow you to receive credit for high school and college at the same time.  Concurrent enrollment is for a college credit only class that you take while still in high school.

Q. Will I receive dual credit for all of my CollegeNOW! classes?
A. You will receive dual credit for all college classes taught in your high school. Any WNCC class taught in the high school is taught only by a teacher who has been approved by WNCC as an adjunct faculty member. You may receive dual credit for classes taught on campus and online. Many of the WNCC faculty members have a dual certification from the state of Nebraska so that you may also receive high school credit. More of the WNCC staff are seeking to receive this certification.  You should check with the CollegeNOW! office to determine which staff members have this dual certification. You must also check with your guidance counselor to determine if you need the high school credits.

Q. What if I don’t have the prerequisites needed for the course I want?
A. You cannot take a course until the prerequisite requirements are met. Your guidance counselor can assist you in choosing another course.

Q. Can a CollegeNOW! participant receive financial aid from WNCC?
A. Federal financial aid guidelines require that all financial aid applicants have graduated from high school or have earned their GED and have been admitted into a degree program in order to be considered for federal financial aid.  You may, however, apply for an A.C.E. grant with the assistance of your guidance counselor.

Q. Where can I get additional information about the CollegeNOW! program?
A. Check with a CollegeNOW! or WNCC Admissions representative.