Career Pathways


Welcome to the Career Pathways at WNCC!

Four students studying and working together.

The Career Pathways & Advising department offers a full range of career planning, internship, and career employment services. The goal of Career Pathways is to provide students with comprehensive career services to help supplement their classroom experience, make wise vocational choices and assist in their search for employment. 

In other words, we want students to "be fit" for their careers, learn to balance their lives, and be successful! 

Academic Advising & Support

Meet with all new students to:

  • Set up and navigate the student portal
  • Register for first semester classes
  • Assist with changes to programs of study
  • Help overcome obstacles to achieve success

Major & Career Exploration

Work with students to:

  • Take personality, interest, strength, and value assessments  
  • Make informed decisions about careers and majors  
  • Benefit from internship fairs, workshops, and pop-up shops

Career Services

When it’s time to land that job or internship, we assist students with:

  • Creating high-quality resumes, cover letters, and application materials
  • Job search processes, interview prep, and dressing for success
  • Communicating professionally, networking skillfully, and discovering digital citizenship

Transfer Advising

Assist students in continuing their academic journeys by:

  • Hosting college transfer fairs
  • Identifying four-year institutions that offer programs of interest
  • Facilitating successful transfer of coursework


For more information, contact: 308.635.6050