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Program Overview

This field of study provides the student with comprehensive knowledge of the principles and skills related to physical science. The field of study is designed to meet the needs of students entering related technical or professional fields, as well as those seeking a general understanding of the physical world. The Physics program is offered on our Scottsbluff campus.


  • Provide a basic understanding of physical principles and the interrelationships of all branches of science and mathematics.
  • Show how all phenomena is the logical result of the laws of nature. l Stimulate interest in physics and fields related to physics.
  • Develop skills in the use of the scientific method and the use of tools for measuring and collecting data.
  • Provide the student with the background needed to increase the chances for success in the technical or professional fields.

Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Science in Physics

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, the median pay for Physics with a doctoral or professional degree was $106,360 per year. Growth in jobs in this field for the decade 2012-2022 was projected to be 10%, as fast as average. (