Faculty & Staff Giving

The support of WNCC staff, faculty, students, parents and other associated groups is crucial to help those students that are most in need.  If you are a staff member and are interested in payroll deduction, download this simple form and submit it to the HR office. 

“Why do I give? Because investing in students is something we should all get behind—faculty, staff, coaches, administrators.  We’re all here for the students and I’m proud to support TEAM WNCC.” - Ryan Burgner

“As a former student and graduate, I am now an employee of WNCC and see firsthand what the foundation does to help students succeed.  WNCC is a stepping stone to support students working to achieve their goals. I contribute to the foundation to continue building the program that helped me be successful.” - Jennifer Araujo

“Why do I give?  Because every day I see not only the financial need, but the merit of WNCC students—they are worth our investment and I am proud to support them!” - Sheila Johns

“I believe that contributing to the WNCC foundation is like watering a plant you want to see grow. Every drop of water will produce a form of success for our college, community, and country. Having the opportunity to help students is my drop of water in which I am very proud of.” - Margarita Gurrrola

“Helping students is part of every employee’s role here at WNCC.  I know that helping students to become successful is what makes coming to work worthwhile and personally rewarding for me.” - Dave Groshans

"Having invested my life in educating students and WNCC, it seems consistent to invest my donation dollars in the WNCC Foundation and the scholarships it provides to our students. It is a way of paying forward the financial assistance someone in an earlier generation made available for my use as a college student." - Guy Wylie

"I graduated from WNCC and I think it is a great place to start!  Financing college can be difficult so it is important to help out.  Every student deserves the opportunity for higher education and supporting the WNCC Foundation can help students in need.  I am a proud supporter of The Foundation." - Amy Winters

"For me, giving to the WNCC Foundation has been an opportunity to honor someone through a memorial scholarship in order to help students by reducing the cost of their education.  It is a win-win for everyone, remembering a loved one and creating a future for someone else all at the same time." - Chris Wolf

“Through the years, I have seen the difference WNCC has made in the lives of our students.  It has been my honor to support students not only through my work at WNCC, but by giving a gift to the Foundation.  I know I am making a difference in their lives.” - Mary Barkaloo

Internal Grant Application Form

The WNCC Foundation is excited to provide all faculty and staff at WNCC the opportunity to apply for supplemental funds raised for purposes to be designated by the Board of Directors. The board meets quarterly each respective January, April, July, and October. Applications are due to the Foundation by the 1st day of each of the convening months. Visit the Foundation page of the WNCC Faculty/Staff Portal to download an application, or contact Jennifer at extension 6551.