Student Scholarships

One of the most important benefits provided by the WNCC Foundation to the college and its students is the ability to assist with the cost of an education at WNCC through one of its many scholarships.  These scholarships are all privated funded by organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of supporting WNCC's students.

Donor-Selected Foundation Scholarships

Most scholarship donors choose their scholars without direct input from WNCC based on their own application process, usually in March or April for the upcoming academic year. Some donors will ask WNCC for recommendations. WNCC staff will choose students to recommend based on the donor’s requirements and other WNCC scholarship applications on file.

WNCC-Selected Foundation Scholarships

Some of the donors have asked WNCC’s Scholarship Committee to choose their scholar. The Committee will match the applicants with the scholarship criteria. Most of the scholarships have unique, special criteria such as graduation from a particular high school, or employment with a certain company. Additional preference will be given to students with financial need and a minimum GPA of 2.5. While good grades are important, the highest grades are usually not the first basis for selection. These scholarships can all be applied for with the WNCC Online Scholarship Application