Blackboard Account Information

Your Username and Password

To access your WNCC online courses, use the same username and password you use to log in to your WNCC Portal.

Please visit the "Account Desk" link in MyWNCC to access your username and password information. This information will provide access to all WNCC online services.

Where are the links to log in?

Use the "Log in Now" link on the left side navigation in this section of the web to go to your courses.

You can set a bookmark to go directly to WNCC online courses, the address is:

You will also see a link in the left side navigation of MyWNCC.

You do not need to log in to your Portal to access Blackboard. You can use the link from this page, or you can use the link to the left of the Portal log in page.

Nothing in the Class?

Online sections open on the first day of class. If you log in to Blackboard prior to the first day, you will see your courses listed, but the courses will be empty. Rest assured, this will no longer be the case on the first day of classes.

Student Usernames and Passwords

WNCC student usernames can be systematically generated via two means:

  • As part of a "user feed" sent to the WNCC course management system upon registration for an online course.


  • When a student makes a first-time request for user information from the online account desk.

All usernames are unique to each individual student and are directly keyed on the student ID number. The username is limited to 8 characters and is the same for all WNCC systems: MyWNCC Portal, Email, WebAdvisor, and Blackboard.

A password is system generated using a combination of unique student information known to the student. This is the initial or 'default' password and students are encouraged to change the password upon first use of each system. Each system allows for a unique password to be set by the student.

Every user may change his/her password at any time. A user may retrieve his/her password hint (not password) for the MyWNCC Portal system or re-set that password to another default . The MyWNCC Portal system allows the user to synchronize passwords for all WNCC systems. A student may, upon request, set a lock on a password through the IT department. Doing so requires the student to be in direct contact with the IT department to make any subsequent password changes.

As the username is tied directly to WNCC's Datatel Colleague system, a student may have only one username. This username is attached to the electronic record and can only be changed upon request. This username remains unique to the student and is never reassigned to another user after graduation or completion of studies. This allows the student future access to the MyWNCC Portal system for registration or record retrieval. Username changes are made only upon student request between academic terms. To request a username change, students must present appropriate identifying information.

Students must be registered for an online, hybrid, or web-enhanced course to be included in a student access list. The only exception to this is when an instructor requests access for a Supplemental Instruction peer tutor who has already successfully completed the course. All student access to online, hybrid, or web-enhanced courses is provided via an electronic feed that is built and sent from Datatel Colleague to the Blackboard server. Students do not self-create access to courses.