Get Involved


As a college students today, you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities: work, family, friends, community commitments, and perhaps a few personal interests or hobbies as well!

However, the experience of being in college doesn’t last forever, and many students enjoy their college experience more when they are actively involved. At WNCC, there are many opportunities to develop new friendships; explore different career opportunities; network with fellow students, faculty, staff and community members; and fulfill personal interests.

Represent your fellow students by being involved on your campus with Student Leadership or serve on a shared governance committee. Have you ever wondered what kind of leader you would be?

If you have served as a leader, and would like to continue to hone your skills, consider joining the student governing body on your campus.  At Alliance that is the Student Forum, on Scottsbluff Campus it is the Cougar Council, and at Sidney it is called Student Council. You should join  if have ideas for improving WNCC’s programs, activities, and if you want to learn more about how the College works and have your voice heard. Being involved with student leadership will also enable you to learn new skills, meet new people and build up your resume.

The student governing bodies on our three campuses offer students the chance to take on a leadership role with regard to WNCC. Members discuss important issues, collaborate with faculty and staff, and recommend improvements to WNCC programs, policies, and services. Representatives offer advice, plan engaging activities, and have the opportunity to serve on various WNCC committees. Serving as a representative or Officer offers students tremendous opportunities to get involved in a variety of ways and to have great impact.

To join your student governing body on your WNCC campus contact, Nina Grant, Vice President of Student Services at