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Counseling Services

College can evoke a wave of new emotions. Some are great, and some are overwhelming. Being able to identify and understand your mental health needs is critical to reach your personal and academic success. Counseling Services at WNCC is here to lend an ear and offer a hand.

WNCC has a licensed counselor on staff who is trained to help you resolve personal difficulties that interfere with optimal personal and academic functioning. Specifically, WNCC offers individual and group counseling, as well as substance abuse evaluation and education needed to assist students.

All services are free and confidential to WNCC students and their families. To schedule an appointment, call 308.635.6050 or email counseling@wncc.edu.

It is important to note there are legal limits to the confidentiality we can render. For instance, information regarding elderly abuse, as well as child abuse or neglect must be reported to the proper authorities. Additionally, if a student is involved in court proceedings, records can be subpoenaed, and if a student is viewed as a danger to him/herself or others, the necessary steps will be taken.

We also strongly discourage the use of email regarding personal problems, as we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your correspondence.

Contact Counseling Services

Norman J. Stephenson, M.S., LADC, LMHP, CPC, LIMHP
Counseling Director
P: 308.635.6090
F: 308.635.6023