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Computer Sciences

Be at the forefront of modern technology with a degree in Computer Science.

From vehicles to refrigerators, so much of what we use every day is equipped with technology. It’s also a robust and powerful informational tool putting knowledge at our fingertips. A degree in Computer Science gives you the broad-based knowledge and practical and critical-thinking skills to open a multitude of career options. 

Our program is specifically designed to give you a firm foundation for further study in computer science, often toward getting a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution. You’ll become acquainted with the principles and practices of algorithmic design, programming, programming languages, and operating systems so you will be prepared to enter the workforce, or transfer to a four-year institution to deepen your knowledge.

We also offer you an opportunity to receive a NASA fellowship that works with programming robotics, drones, remote control aircraft, and other devices. And, come join the WNCC Math and Science Club, and participate in our annual robotics challenge! All students are welcomed!

Award Types

  • Associate of Science in Computer Science

About the Program