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Forestry/Wildlife Management (Pre)

Bring your love of the outdoors into your career and work to increase our natural resources and the health of our environment.

With forests covering over one-third of the earth’s surface, modern forestry and wildlife management hold the key to sustaining biodiversity, storing excessive carbon, and delivering freshwater to all who need it. Balancing human needs with the needs of plants and wildlife involves being an advocate for the land and animals who use it.

In our program, you’ll analyze ecosystems and the earth’s natural resources through the lens of biology, chemistry, geology, environmental, and social sciences. You’ll examine the impact animals have with humans and with their surroundings. We’ll prepare you for a career maintaining and nurturing tomorrow’s forest lands against threats like uncontrolled fire and pest migration. 

The Forestry/Wildlife Management emphasis area is offered at our Scottsbluff campus. This two-year program will give you the background you’ll need to be able to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the fields of forestry and/or wildlife management. 

Award Types

  • Associate of Science in Forestry / Wildlife Management (Pre)


About the Program