Early College/CollegeNOW!


A male high school student.
What is CollegeNOW!?

The CollegeNOW! Program at Western Nebraska Community College is a partnership between WNCC and your high school that offers you the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. 

CollegeNOW! benefits:

  • Get a jump start on your college education
  • Gain exposure to different career tracks
  • Gain experience in college level courses and online learning
  • Significant cost savings for students and parents through reduced tuition costs
  • Gain positioning for scholarship opportunities

Visit the following link to view the CollegeNOW! Handbook:

Who is a CollegeNOW! Student?

You’re an academically minded, independent, responsible, mature junior or senior. You’re seeking challenges with advance study in science, technology, engineering, and math. You want to work in business, social sciences, agriculture, work with art—or do advanced studies in English and the humanities.

You want to enter the workforce with skills in applied technology, career technical education (healthcare, computer-aided drafting, welding, auto tech), and taking CollegeNOW! courses in these areas can provide skills employers value.

Please Note: College courses can be challenging. It’s important to talk with your high school counselor or the CollegeNOW! Director for more information on the academic rigor of college work.

How can a student begin CollegeNOW! classes?

There are two different ways high school  students can take classes: Campus Select and High School Select:

Campus Select

  • Take a class on one of the WNCC campuses
  • Take an online course from WNCC
  • Take a distance learning class taught by WNCC faculty
  • Receive college credit and potentially high school credit
High School Select
  • Take a college class at your high school with a certified high school instructor who has met the qualifications to teach the class as a WNCC instructor
  • Take a class at your high school taught by a WNCC instructor
  • Receive college credit and high school credit

In both of the above methods, the class follows the course outline as established by WNCC, uses the same materials and textbooks, and has the same rigor as the identical course taught to college students enrolled at WNCC.