Drops and Withdrawals


Male student thinkingDrop/Add and Schedule Changes

During the fall and spring semesters, the first five days after the initial meeting of the class are considered a period of schedule adjustment. For summer sessions and quarter classes, it is the first three days. During this period, students may change class sections and drop or add classes by completing the appropriate form in the Student Services Office. Check the WNCC official calendar for the dates of “No Penalty Drop/Add.”

After the “No Penalty Drop/Add” period, students may drop a class by completing the appropriate Drop/Add form, having the instructor sign it and returning it to the Student Services Office. The student may or may not receive a refund, depending on the percent of time expended (see “Refund Policy”). Students should refer to the WNCC Web site for instructions on dropping an online course. (Drop/Withdrawal)

Withdrawal from Class

The official withdrawal period begins after the first five (5) class days of each regular semester and ends when 60 percent of the term has expired as outlined in the official WNCC calendar. Students who wish to drop any class during this period must officially withdraw from the class by securing the instructor’s signature on the required Drop/Add form and completing the withdrawal procedure through the Student Services Office. Procedures for withdrawing from online courses are provided on the WNCC Web site.

Based on a student’s performance at the time of withdrawal, the instructor will issue a grade of “W”. Those grades can be given only during the semester in which the student officially withdraws; they cannot be given retroactively. Posted grades of “W” or “WF” cannot be changed to another grade at a later time.

Students who fail to withdraw officially will receive a grade of “F". Withdrawal from individual classes after the official withdrawal period is not permitted unless a student withdraws from the College.