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Program Overview

The Management Assistant certificate, offered as part of WNCC's Business Technology Program, prepares the student for entry into entry-level to midlevel positions. The curriculum is intended for students desiring to enter the workforce immediately after graduation.


  • Provide career options for students who desire to enter the labor market immediately upon graduation with an associate degree.
  • Provide theory, concepts, and procedures in the areas of business, accounting, and computer technology.
  • Provide general education courses that supplement the major area of study.
  • Allow students to acquire, develop, and apply both academic knowledge and practical skills.
  • Provide students an opportunity to learn basic skills in areas of business, accounting, and computer technology as a foundation for further studies.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to participate in an internship that integrates theoretical concepts with practical experience.

Degrees & Certificates

Certificate in Business Technology - Management Assistant

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, the median pay for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants was $35,330 per year. Growth in jobs in this field for the decade 2012-2022 was projected to be 12%, as fast as average. (

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