Campus Safety

Each year, WNCC hosts thousands of students, community members, and visitors on campus. We strive to provide a welcoming and safe environment for each of them.

To find information about WNCC's response to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 Information page

WNCC partners with local law enforcement and paramedics to ensure proper authorities are always nearby and ready to assist. Security personnel also routinely patrol each of WNCC’s campuses, but if you witness criminal activity on any WNCC campus, we strongly encourage you to report the incident

The WNCC Scottsbluff Campus has established Resource Officers working on campus, to provide law enforcement and police services directly to the college.

Crime Log

Reporting Crime

Emergency Calls

For all emergencies, please dial 911

If you are not reporting an emergency, we encourage you to utilize the resources listed below.

Alliance Campus

  • Alliance Police Department Non-Emergency - 308.762.4955
  • WNCC Occupational Health and Safety Director - 308.635.6185
  • Alliance Campus Main Phone - 308.763.2000
  • Report the incident online 

Scottsbluff Campus

  • Scottsbluff Police Department Non-Emergency - 308.632.7176
  • WNCC Occupational Health and Safety Director - 308.635.6185
  • Scottsbluff Campus Main Phone - 308.635.3606
  • College Resource Officer - 308.635.6111
  • Campus Security - 308.641.0351
  • Report the incident online 

Sidney Campus

  • Sidney Police Department Non-Emergency - 308.254.5515
  • WNCC Occupational Health and Safety Director- 308.635.6185
  • Sidney Campus Main Phone - 308.254.5450
  • Report the incident online 

Ongoing Training

Unfortunately, paramedics and police officers cannot always be the first on-scene during emergencies. Many times, actually, casual bystanders are the first responders. So, WNCC has made a consistent effort to provide ongoing educational and training opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff to be prepared for all types of emergencies.