VFA Reports



WNCC Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) Public Outcomes Reports


The Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) is the accountability framework specifically designed for community colleges with measures developed to fully capture the community college mission and philosophy, as well as the myriad of community college students’ goals, expectations, and educational experiences.

Existing accountability measures in higher education do not adequately measure the unique mission of community colleges. In light of the inadequacy of existing measures, the VFA provides community colleges with a significantly improved ability to assess their performance, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate their commitment to their academic mission.

The VFA gauges student progress and outcomes including pre-collegiate preparation, academic progress and momentum points, completion and transfer measures, and workforce outcomes for career and technical education.

Please visit the links below to view WNCC VFA Public Outcomes Reports.

WNCC VFA Public Outcomes Report 2018

WNCC VFA Public Outcomes Report 2017

WNCC VFA Public Outcomes Report 2016

WNCC VFA Public Outcomes Report 2015