2023-2027 ReEnvisioning WNCC (Strategic Plan Logo)

In just a few short years, WNCC will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We are reminded of the original role of the college as defined by the Nebraska Legislature, “…a student centered, open access institution primarily devoted to quality instruction and public service, providing students services intended to promote the success of a diverse student population, particularly those who have been traditionally under served in other educational settings.”

WNCC has fulfilled this mandate for the past 97 years. There is no doubt that the needs of the students and communities we serve differ greatly from when the College first opened its doors in 1926, but WNCC remains constant in its commitment to students and their success. Student success requires excellence in teaching, quality support services, and responsiveness to our communities. It requires the removal of barriers that can impede access or success and the fostering of a learning environment that is respectful and inclusive.

And there is no doubt that the world in which WNCC exists today is far different than when it was first established. An international pandemic, a downward turn in the economy, a looming demographic cliff, and workforce shortages have shined a light on the unique ability of community colleges to provide affordable, accessible, and innovative programs and training to students of all ages and varying educational needs.

Re-Envisioning WNCC: 2023-2027 has been developed to best position the College to meet these current challenges – and opportunities – and thrive beyond. It holds fast to the College’s commitment to student success but demands we look at new ways of doing business.

The process of developing this plan took place over the course of 2022, and involved broad engagement with our Board of Governors, employees, students, and community partners. We listened and learned a lot. As a result, I am extremely pleased with the revised mission, vision, and values statements put forth in this document, as well as the four areas outlined as the College’s focus for the next five years – student success, academic excellence, community partnerships, and institutional vitality. These are the bedrock of our success and each re-envisioned to meet the challenges before us today and into the future.

As we transition to our next century of service, I am confident this plan provides a solid foundation for WNCC to honor its mission of “enriching lives, invigorating communities, and changing futures.” I join all of WNCC in looking forward with optimism and purpose to the future of the College and the students and communities we serve.

John Marrin Signiture
John T. Marrin
Interim President,
Western Nebraska Community College

Mission, Vision, Values

Strategic Goals

Student success, workforce readiness, and accessibility have long been the foundation of our guiding principles. In 2023, WNCC reaffirmed its commitment to those themes with the creation of the 2023 – 2027 Strategic Master Plan.